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8 comments on “Your Blog
  1. Jon James says:

    This looks great Bob & the interface for the sermons is super easy to use. I thought I’d leave a copy of my poem of thanksgiving from the end of my last message.
    I fear to think of where I’d be
    If God had not placed me in this family.
    My folks, thru grace & love, shined the light,
    Yet I toiled, hiding in the night.
    God’s light, so strong & so sure,
    Found my spot & I could hide no more.
    I now dance to the tune His of grace,
    Longing for the day I see His face!
    I will look for you then,
    My new brothers & sisters fair,
    As part of God’s loving family,
    We’ll celebrate our Savior there!

  2. Thank you Jonathan (a blessing to our meetings),
    I will show your poem to our group at our Thursday night meeting.

  3. rtshevlin says:

    Debbie Moorhouse came home last night and tomorrow we will continue our Bible Study at Jack and Debbie’s house. We visited her on Sunday and she had a stint put in her main artery. She had a smile on her face all day on Lord’s Day and lifted our hearts with the joy that she felt.

  4. rtshevlin says:

    If you would click on the Blue Letter Bible under Bibles at Bottom of Screen, You will see a Luke Video. Play it and see what a blessing it will be and a teacher to us all.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Luke video is very cool, & a blessing. It really adds to the context.

  6. Jon James says:

    The Luke video is very cool, & a blessing. It really adds to the context.

  7. Owk Joseph Johnson says:

    Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and I am glad to extend my fellowship with you in the Lord over here .Being an evangelist at Shiloh Christian Assembly, Ayyalurumetta, Nandyal, Andhra Prades, INDIA, I, Joseph Johnson request you to remember the ministry that the Lord had given me which has been fruitful till date guided and guarded under the gracious hands of the Lord. The congregation numbers from 35 to 40 for worship service on Sundays and I visit houses every other weekday. God blessed my wife Elizabeth and me with two daughters Tryphena, Tryphosa who are pursuing their elementary education. Therefore I humbly request your valuable prayer support in your personal and church prayers regularly that the Lord may meet all our needs in the ministry as well as in the family according to His riches in due

  8. Owk Joseph Johnson says:

    COMMENDATION LETTER(Date: 10.02.2015)
    Warm greetings to you, in the Lord’s precious name. It is a great joy to commend our brother Owk. Joseph Johnson from our assembly. Bro. Joseph Johnson has been an active and vigorous member in all our assemblies (i.e., Ponnapuram colony, Ayyalurumetta, Gangavaram), from the day he was saved. Abiding to the Lord’s call to serve him, he has therefore been chosen for the Lord’s work on 19th Feb, 2012. Having devoted his life to the Lord’s service, he has dynamically been preaching the Word of God in all our assemblies and His Gospel in the nearby villages. Built on the strong foundation stone called Christ, he is able to preach and saved many souls till date.
    At present, there are 75 believers at Ponnapuram colony, 50 believers at Ayyalurumetta, and 40 believers at Gangavaram. We earnestlycommend Bro. Owk Joseph Johnson for the ministry atAyyalurumetta assembly and to extend and reach out to the farther remote areas around Nandyal Town. We pray that the Lord bless his family and his ministry. So, please receive him in the Lord’s name and extend your valuable prayer support regarding his ministry. Convey our regards and loving greetings to all the fellow believers.
    Yours faithfully,
    Elders of the local assembly
    1. G.Bhaskar 3.K.Emmanuel

    2. S.Srinivasa Rao 4. O. Prakash Rao

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